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Year after year, as wintertime approaches, there are two questions in everyone’s mind: “what is grandma baking for Christmas Eve” and… “what can I get my lover for Valentine’s Day?”

You asked and the internet Gods answered your prayers with Couple Dream. 

So, what is Couple Dream❤?

Founded in 2015, we are an online store based in NY where you will find (almost) everything you can think of when it comes to showering your loved one with gifts.

From cuddling under a warm bedding set to holding hands with paired bracelets or rings to walking down the street in matching outfits, we are here to help you tell the world that he is your king / she is your queen! 

Ok, so it’s all about gifts…

No, far from that. The gifts are merely an expression of your love. 

That sounds so cliché!

Love is a cliché: we all say that the person has the deepest eyes, the purest heart and the brightest smile in the world. And you know what? It’s true!

And while we would love to be Shakespeare and treat them with the most beautiful love poems, we know that not everyone was born with that artistic flair. 

And what about other dates, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries…

… or Mondays, Tuesdays, Every day! You don’t need a specific occasion to make their day special. After all, every day is special around them.

So, from now on, relax and take our hand while we help you get to your lovers’ heart 😊


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